Freedom House A.D.T.C.

Table of Contents

Rights of the Persons Served


It is the policy of Freedom House that the primary treatment professional, at the outset of treatment services, ensures that the persons served receives or has received an explanation of their rights as a person served at Freedom House. In compliance with applicable laws, including the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), amendments, and rules promulgated, each person served by Freedom House is afforded and guaranteed rights. Freedom House does not discriminate on the grounds of (political opinion, religious opinion, race, gender, ethnicity, age, national origin, creed, sexual preference, veteran’s status, or disability).


Freedom House implements policies promoting the following rights of the persons served.

1.      Confidentiality of Information including (Billing, Utilization, Clinical and other administrative and service related information).

2.      Privacy Rights. Persons served have the right, within the law, to privacy by. Refusing to talk with or see any visitor or family member who is not officially connected with Freedom House, or directly involved with the person’s care. Having access to private surroundings during personal conversations. Expecting any and all information to be kept in the strictest confidence, including all files related to the person served. Persons served have the right to private, individual sessions with their primary counselor at least one (1) hour weekly.

3.      Freedom from Abuse. Freedom House maintains a zero tolerance of sexual abuse of persons served. Freedom from financial or other exploitation. Freedom from retaliation, humiliation and neglect.

4.      Access to information pertinent to the persons served in sufficient time to facilitate decision making.

5.      Informed Consent or refusal or expression of choice regarding (service delivery, release of information, concurrent services, referral sources, other legal rights).