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Chemical Free Living Center

                The CFLC program is available for men and women and offers a structured, drug-free environment in which clients may gradually re-enter society as productive members of the  workforce. All clients in the CFLC Program are required to stay a minimum of 120 days.

                Our CFLC is available to clients who have completed a Residential, Outpatient, or Early Release Program who still need some structure, guidance, and assistance. Clients of the CFLC develop and learn social and living skills in a structured environment. We offer clients the opportunity to build an outside support system that will assist them back into the workforce.

                The methodology of the CFLC program is a Holistic Based Model. This enable the clients to gain longevity in their personal sobriety, as well as receive personal assistance with employment needs, educational needs, development of financial management skills, and parenting skills.

                The clients of the CFLC are required to attend the Outpatient Program group sessions which utilize the Matrix Model. The case managers of the CFLC will assist the clients on a daily basis with their personal and skills development needs as well as provide transportation for the clients to necessary appointments. The case manager will also meet with each client once a week for an individual counseling session. All clients are to obtain and maintain full time employment while in the CFLC program.

                 Clients are required to pay rent each week in advance, which is $100 per week and includes all living expenses (this includes rent, three meals per day, and all utilities).