Freedom House A.D.T.C.

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                                     Detoxification Services

The Freedom House detoxification program is based on a primary assumption that detoxification from alcohol and drugs can be a life threatening experience that requires frequent monitoring and observation by  Regional Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Specialist who are  trained in withdrawal symptomatology, first aid, CPR and appropriate emergency responses to medical crises which may result from withdrawal. The observational detoxification bed capacity is (Female Beds 2, Male Beds 3).

The detoxification program staff believes that detoxification is best accomplished in a quiet serene setting that allows for ample rest, good nutrition, close and frequent monitoring of vital signs and physical symptoms. The Freedom House detoxification program is staffed by employee's who have been formally trained by the Office of Alcohol and Drug Prevention as Regional Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Specialist (RADD) and are, therefore, qualified to take and monitor vital signs for those persons receiving detoxification services.

Observational Detoxification:  

This level of care is provided by the Freedom House staff at the Russellville Facility at 400 Lake Front Drive, and includes close and frequent monitoring of vital signs and withdrawal symptomatology. A complete set of vital signs will include blood pressure readings (systolic and diastolic), temperature, pulse and respiration. Clients in observational detoxification services will have their vital signs taken upon admission and at least every two (2) hours thereafter, until the client is within normal limits for eight (8) hours. Once the vital signs are within normal limits for eight (8) hours, they will be taken no less than every six (6) hours. There will be documentation in the client’s case record verifying each vital sign taken during the client’s stay in detoxification up until discharge. Observational detoxification services are for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 72 hours (3 days), and are dependent on the level of need of the client.  


Freedom House is in compliance with the Federal confidentiality laws CFR 42 part 2 and with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.