Freedom House A.D.T.C.

Table of Contents

                 Residential Treatment Program


Freedom House specializes in the treatment and counseling of individuals who have turned to the misuse of alcohol and drugs as an escape from coping with the reality in day to day living. The Residential Treatment Prgram at Freedom House is a 30-Day, 24 hour a day, 7 days per week program. There is a Residential Women's Dormitory with the capacity for 24 Beds, and a Residential Men's Dormitory with the capacity for 24 Beds. Freedom House utilizes the "Living In Balance" Evidence Based Treatment Model. The Residential Treatment Program  provides a comprehensive treatment framework that includes (Pathways to Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Motivational Interviewning, and Adult Education). The Core Session Topics include:


Session 1: Definitions, Terms, and Self Diagnosis                            Session 17: Nutrition and Exercise


Session 2: Drug Education                                                                Session 18: Physical Wellness


Session 3: What are Triggers?                                                          Session 19: Problem Solving


Session 4: Planning for Sobriety                                                       Session 20: Attitudes and Beliefs


Session 5: Alcohol and Tobacco                                                        Session 21: Human Needs


Session 6: Spirituality                                                                        Session 22: Family Matters


Session 7: Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol                                                   Session 23: You and Your Parents


Session 8: Stress                                                                               Session 24: Parenting Skills


Session 9: Skills for Stress                                                                 Session 25: Educational Goals


Session 10: Negative Emotions                                                          Session 26: Maoney Manaagement


Session 11: Anger and Communication                                              Session 27: Consumer Credit


Session 12: Relapse Prevention                                                         Session 28: Sexual Abuse


Session 13: Introduction to Self-Help Groups                                    Session 29: Sexual Behavior


Session 14: The Twelve Steps                                                            Session 30: Addiction and Loss


Session 15: Sexual Transmitted Diseases                                           Session 31: Grief


Session 16: Focus on Aids                                                                   Session 32: Personality



To schedule an interview contact Freedom House Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center and talk to Chris Whitbey, Intake Coordinator. Call Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM at 479-968-7086.