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                                     Stakeholder Survey

Throughout the year, we survey various stakeholders of our agency. The input we receive from you will help us in our strategic planning efforts, as well as identify areas or processes that we need to improve. We hope to continue meeting the behavioral health care needs of our community and expand our services to meet future demands.


Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness in completing this survey.


Directions: Please indicate the extent to which you agree with each statement by answering with one of the following answers (Rarely, Sometimes, Usually, Most of the Time, Almost Always).


1) Agency staff is professional. ___________________


2) Staff is responsive to request. __________________


3) Access to services is streamlined and efficient. _______________________


4) Clinical services are outcome oriented and effective for the clients. ____________________


5) It is easy to contact the agency. _______________________


6) Agency employees are culturally competent and appreciate diversity. ______________________


7) You can get in touch with us when you need us. ________________________


8) We provide timely feedback regarding referrals. ________________________


9) We provide timely feedback regarding information requested (other than referral) ____________


10) Services we provide fill a need in the community. ______________________


11) The agency leadership has integrity and can be trusted. _____________________


What additional services would you like us to offer? _______________________________________


What is our strongest asset? __________________________________________________________


What is our biggest challenge? ________________________________________________________


Name & Contact Information (optional) ________________________________________


Please return the Survey to the followin Physical Address or Email Address.


Attention: Director

Freedom House ADTC

400 Lake Front Drive

Russellville, AR. 72802


Email Address: